Daisy Lain

Sleek, elegant design for an online store that deserves nothing but the best.

We're already seeing great results

The owner of Daisy Lain got in touch with us after a very poor experience with her previous web-designer, who was holding her files ransom, refusing to update the design or work to her specifications. The website was not all it had been promised to be, elements were broken, and the overall design was dated, despite being a relatively new site.

Our immediate concern was rescuing the Daisy Lain original files and database. The owner had worked hard on the store, filling out reams of SEO boosting detail for each product, that was in danger of being lost.

Once we’d rescued, cleaned and restructured her data for a professional WordPress installation, we began designing the new site around her detailed answers to our design brief, and the beautiful jewellery she had in-store.

The owner had some well defined requirements, that required extra planning to execute with style. Finding balance between her requirements and good web-design practices made for some interesting challenges!

The Daisy Lain brand now has a website that reflects the superior quality of their products; offering excellent user experience, consistently delightful design, and they now own their website outright, which means they’ll never worry about rogue web-designers ever again.

Yes! This is looking so much better! When I contacted you, it was a breath of fresh air being able to talk about my website with you openly and you were very understanding and helpful and thank you for that. I felt I could move forward with you and trust you unlike the previous designer.

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