Debby Barnes Voice-Overs

A colourful, interactive fun-loving platform built to showcase demos of Debby’s work.

Giving an online presence to a professional voice.

Debby Barnes is a professional voice talent, providing high quality vocal work in multiple services, from commercials to narration. We were approached by Debby, who was looking for a design agency to redesign her site, bring it in line with modern SEO standards and ensure she would stand out from the crowd, (which is what we love to do!)

After an extensive consultation, and as Debby was looking for a new style, we spent some time developing 3 distinct themes for her to choose from, and to work as a starting block for us to build upon. After further consultation we began refining her site, keeping Debby in the loop and building on her input, such as font selection, colour refinement, and deeper design aspects.

During the course of the project we developed custom graphics, offered multiple routes toward the final design, and integrated 3rd party plugins that Debby is used to using. We have also included an easy to use CMS so as to allow Debby to update her blog with ease, and update her client list and testimonials on the go, reducing her maintenance costs considerably.

Debby has just recently launched her new site and so measurable results aren’t in quite yet. From the analytics on our side, we can see that the bounce rate (when a visitor comes to the site, doesn’t interact at all, and then leaves) is very, very low. The site’s SEO has been drastically improved, Debby’s popular blog is now managed on-site and she can make changes at will.

A GRATEFUL shout-out to HeadSmart for giving me a SMART and friendly website makeover! I’m SO impressed with what they’ve created. As well as being super cued-up and IT savvy; they’re also intuitive, clever and first-rate. They really listen to your needs and they go out-of-their way to tick all the boxes you need ticked. And did I mention how kind, supportive and patient they are? Yep, that too. It’s so easy to give HeadSmart a CONFIDENT THUMBS-UP!

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