Fortis Accountants

An excellent brochure site with custom video, brilliant branding with an interactive header, and all the usual HeadSmart trimmings.

One of our favourite clients!

Fortis Accountants is based in South West London and the City of London and was founded by Harry Theocharous. Fortis already had a brand new functioning site, but felt it was selling the company short and needed replacing. The new site was to have a contemporary look and feel, that would successfully navigate the space between professional experience, and the spirit of openness and friendliness toward current and potential clients.

We first met Harry when we approached him to take over our accounts. Towards the end of that meeting he asked us to take a look at his website. Whilst trying to be tactful, we gave him our honest opinion, which reflected the concerns he already harboured. Harry had recently spent a lot of money on, and waited a long time for a new website that when delivered, left a lot to be desired.

Harry understands business, and realised that having a poorly designed website would have a negative impact on his company. Unwilling to let that happen, he sent out a brief to three new web design agencies. When the replies came back “Mike and Matt had the approach and ideas that appealed to us”.

We worked closely with Harry to get a real feel for the market he was a part of, and to understand in what directions he wanted the company to grow. It was important for Harry that the site shake off the dull, number crunching, impersonal image that accountancy can so often be tainted with. As well as being highly qualified and knowledgeable, Harry is also a very approachable, friendly guy, and we wanted the site to reflect this. We stopped by his office for an informal photo shoot. Placing a few real photos around the site really helps to cultivate feelings of trust. We also worked the Fortis logo and colours into sliders at the top of each page, giving the site a truly custom feel. For that something extra, we created a video slider for the home page, animating the Fortis logo with a very cool sketched effect. We made sure the site was clean, fresh and extremely easy to navigate. Harry was and is very happy with the result. A little while after the launch Harry requested the addition of a software login page, allowing his clients instant access to the partner of their choice. Which was of course no problem. Harry is still our accountant, and we can’t recommend him highly enough!

I met Mike and Matt from Headsmart Media around 1 month after my original website had been completed (they came to me to discuss accountancy). I was not happy with my existing site although it was new. I asked Mike and Matt for their feedback and input, they confirmed what I thought and I sent out a brief to 3 web designers. Our brief summed up what we wanted to achieve with a replacement website. The replies to the briefs came back and Mike and Matt had the approach and ideas that appealed to us. This in conjunction with their professionalism, enthusiasm and personalities told me that they were right for Fortis and me. We appointed Headsmart Media and they began work straight away. We provided the content and before we knew it we had a development website to review. We needed a couple of tweaks and the site was done! It was a smooth and effortless journey for us and within one day of my website going live, my IT company called me to ask for their details as they wanted Headsmart Media to review their site.​

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