Harley Street Cardiology

A fully featured responsive website with automatic translation in over 50 languages, contact forms, interactive maps and more.

Delivering a delightful user experience to all.

Harley Street Cardiology is one of the leading cardiological practices in the country. Working closely and in partnership with The Physicians’ Clinic, they provide outstanding healthcare. When their original Joomla based site started malfunctioning, they took the opportunity to refresh their old, lifeless design, with a new, brighter, more interactive and user-friendly site, to make it easier for patients and prospective patients to get in touch and arrange an appointment. They also wanted a site that fits more closely with the image of their peers.

When we were approached by Harley Street Cardiology, the site was displaying serious errors, and much of the original content was missing. We took the files of her old site apart piece by piece to rebuild the expert content that was almost lost.We worked with Amanda to get a real feel for the market she was a part of, and to understand where she wanted to take the practice.

We drew up a light, clean design, making great use of whitespace to really highlight the practice’s strengths.
We then compiled a list of her competitors’ best features, while discarding the distractions. A dynamic header with animated contact buttons, SEO friendly text, auto-call phone numbers and even translation services was created to rise to the challenge.

International accessibility was vital, so we added on-the-fly translation to her site for both desktop and mobile visitors – you should try it, it’s an incredible sight to see an entire webpage translated to Swahili  in an instant, and at the touch of a button! Dr. Varnava can now connect with patients she might never have had the chance to, without.
We then wanted to ensure the page gave off an active feel, so we custom designed some excellent fading imagery for above-the-fold, and interactive teaser sections further down the page; encouraging genuine interaction from the visitor. Along with in interactive map and contact form at the bottom of the page. Clever use of shadow at key points throughout the page and site encourage clients to hit the most valuable links on-site, namely the contact page and forms.
We have provided a comprehensive training manual so that Dr. Varnava can make changes to the site should she need to, although we will always be on hand, offering top-notch support throughout.

I’m really pleased with the look. It’s fantastic! Thank you!​

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