jmm PR

A huge overhaul of a successful PR company’s news section, and a tactful update to the rest of the site.

Making huge improvements to SEO

jmm PR are a very well known PR company in the KBB (Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms) industry who represent some of the worlds biggest KBB brands. They had been stuck with a website that split their content across 2 urls, resulting in very few SEO  benefits (if any) and an unnecessarily hefty workload. Additionally, their installation hadn’t been updated in over 5 years, which meant that many aspects of the site were inactive or broken.

Due to the age of the website, and its lack of updates, rescuing and restoring all their posts and content was a challenge. We wrote custom scripts to recover and rewrite the content, ready for the latest and greatest version of WordPress, their CMS. Once all the data had been properly migrated, we developed a beautiful, highly accessible layout to apply to each of their articles.

From floating widgets to social streams and clever post filters; everything we did was to enhance the user experience and make their SEO work harder for them. We finally produced some highly custom, branded imagery for use on the rest of the site; working their logo into the large hero images at the top of each page. These give the site a premium feel, and very effectively reinforce their branding.

jmm PR’s new website works hard for them, rather than the other way around. Building on the efforts they put into their articles, and increasing accessibility and ease-of-use has helped their SEO and user interaction already, and we expect these upgrades to pay dividends long into jmm PR’s future.

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