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A fully featured eCommerce store with over 2000 items, a complete brand overhaul and a comprehensive social media strategy. Passionate work from a vegan web design agency company, for a (huge) vegan store.


A relatively new site, in need of a makeover and some lifesaving new features from a vegan web design agency.

WeGotVegan is an online store, offering a very broad range of cruelty-free products, from food to clothes and everything in between, with a large social following, running on a custom configured, dedicated server.
Having been running for a few months, the site wasn’t performing well and visitors weren’t converting into customers.

As a fully vegan web design agency, staffed by vegan web designers, we were tasked with analysing the situation, identifying weak spots and highlighting strengths, with the intention of a complete redesign. Developing a far easier way to administer the store was also critical.



We first discussed the condition of the current site, and got  solid understanding of some of the site’s largest flaws.
We then dug deep into the site’s Google™ Analytics data, and started to get an idea of where visitors we turning into deserters.

Visitors were happy to browse a few pages at a time, before leaving the site, to (mostly) never return. Often, a visitor would add multiple items to their cart, visit their cart page, but then abandon the session. While cart abandonment is  an inevitable element of running an eCommerce store, the rate of abandonment for WeGotVegan was rexceptionally high, meaning the site was losing most of its potential sales.

The original website had too many colours, confusing branding and poorly placed content, combined with a very clunky shopping mechanism, with unsightly price tags dotted throughout, a complex checkout process and very slow loading times. We looked at the current stats and found shopping cart abandonment at a whopping 95%! The reason for this was clear; by the end of the ordering process, visitors had simply lost all trust that the website was legitimate and that their order would be fulfilled.

Colour scheming throughout the site was erratic, leading to an overall uncomfortable viewing experience. Eventually we opted for a very minimal, functional design; making the shopping process as clear and easy as possible.


Updating and maintaining a large eCommerce affiliate store can be a huge hassle. Finding an item, extracting its important information and importing the whole thing over to your store in a uniformly good looking way is a laborious process without the right tools, and administration had stared to take more hours than there were in a day. Constantly checking stock for products listed in-store was essentially doubling that workload.

We spent a long time finding and testing multiple solutions that would automate the process as much as possible. Eventually we found a solution we could configure to take care of importing huge lists of products and their information to the store, while keeping an eye on stock levels, price changes and product variations.

The process is now almost 100% automated, and the amount of items available in-store has the potential to increase by factors, without increasing administration duties.

Social Media

Automating the store meant much more time could be spent effectively marketing on social media. We set up some excellent tools to reduce administration on that front, too; with automatic cross-network posts populating the store’s pages and boosting their SEO, and multiple on-page features designed to effectively engage users and encourage them to share the page or product they were viewing. The store now has a huge (and growing) social media presence which grows more effective as a practically free marketing platform day by day.


WeGotVegan is now enjoying a massive boost to their sales, incredibly reduced time spent on administration, and lots of positive reviews from their visitors. They’re glad they used a vegan web design agency for their project, and we’re glad to have put in the effort. We expect to see even more excellent results from this store and will update this page with interesting details as they emerge.

Vegan Web Design from Headsmart Media
Vegan Web Design from Headsmart Media

(as part of a larger enquiry regarding a product) – “Heyyyyy! the new site is awesome! i’ve shared you guys on my wall and my mates have gone there too. Really excited to see stores like yours starting to emerge, the revolution is coming!”

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We Got Vegan

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