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A Quote/Proposal for 
Mr Poopy Butthole
The butthole factory

Hi Poopy, It was great catching up with you the other day.!
We’re looking forward to potentially working with you.
Please find our quote below. We like to keep you informed, so this works as an informal proposal, too.

Feel free to take a look, & share with friends/family/co-workers/pets for review.
If you have any questions, or suggestions, feel free to email us, use the form below, or give us a ring.

Hello , you are using Elementor Mr Poopy Butthole

Current situation

Poopy owns and runs The butthole factory; a media device repair service able to repair devices ranging from smartphones to laptops. They offer a rather unique service of remote repairs, at the home or workplace of their customer. {Client_First_Name} has mentioned his prices are very competitive. They are currently looking to lease a premises in Kensington, and will be offering in-store service as well as remote. The company currently has no website.


Poopy has expressed a desire for similar functionality to that of iSmash, with the ability to book repairs online with specific time-slots, and for pre-selected devices.

Poopy has expressed the following requirements:

  • Big things made of stuff
  • A Few small things
  • Some other small things
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What We Will Provide

A complete, professional branding service, including a company branding document, font selection, colour scheme, logo design and more.
A fully functional eCommerce solution, allowing customers to book services directly through the site, along with time and location-based service slots.
Integration with many of the major credit card merchants (We recommend ‘Stripe’ and ‘Paypal’ in most cases)
Between 3-8 ‘Normal’ web-pages. (Home, About Us, Contact, Blog, Shop, FAQ etc)
A complete, professional branding service, including a company branding document, font selection, colour scheme, logo design and more.


We will also provide:

  • Hosting for 6 months, worth



Our Solution

Our preliminary solution is as follows:

  • Consultation – We will consult with Poopy to get a better feel for the finer details of his project.
  • Market Research – We will scour the internet for successful examples of concepts similar to iSmash and Poopy’s vision, shortlisting various concepts that work well, and red-flagging those that don’t.
  • Initial Designs – We will produce some initial designs and concepts, and host them on Poopy’s own preview server that we provide, so he can share with friends/family/co-workers, and wait for feedback.
  • Design revisions – We will draw on all feedback received to refine and improve upon the design, to get the project exactly to where Poopy is happy.
  • Final touches – We will test the site on all major browsers and screen sizes, to make sure everything is working well. We will stress-test the site to ensure it works well under load.
  • Launch – The site will be launched at a date and time of Poopy’s choosing!
  • Aftercare – We will monitor the site closely for the following week, to ensure everything is working as it should.

Our Quote

as we consider you a friend,, we’re happy to provide a 10% discount. 

As a result, we are happy to quote Poopy £10(10) total for the entire project.
This includes the ~£850 worth of extras mentioned above.

We usually ask for 50% before the project begins, and 50% on completion, just before the site goes live.
However, in this case we’re also happy to set up a payment plan, to spread the cost over multiple payments, if you prefer.


If you’d like to enlist our services, just let us know by email, chat, telephone, or using the handy text box below.