A Quote For
Ayman Mahfouz

Hi Ayman & company, thanks for getting in touch.
As requested, please find our quote below. We like to keep you informed, so this works as an informal proposal, too.

Feel free to take a look, & share with friends/family/co-workers for review.
If you have any questions, or suggestions, feel free to email us, use the form below, or give us a ring.

Current situation

Dr Ayman Mahfouz has been approached on account of his expertise to assist in the set-up of a new breastcare-oriented private practice.

While the group are certainly capable of setting up a website for themselves, Ayman thought we’d be a good fit for the business, as we have already provided a solution that will work well for his practice, understand some of the often unforeseen issues with regard to the industry, and offer very competitive prices.


Ayman has envisioned a website with some of the same functionalities as his own. These include:

A booking system able to:

  • Arrange bookings
  • Take payment (either as a deposit, or the entire amount) both through Paypal, and most other credit merchants (eg, stripe)
  • Send daily agendas to staff/surgeons the day before
  • provide an intuitive way for doctors and surgeons to view their bookings
  • Be used incredibly easily by visitors
  • Organise your staff for you

A website design:

  • That is designed encourage trust in visitors
  • That builds on and enhances your brand
  • That looks modern and ‘live’
  • Full of premium features, imagery and fonts
  • That comes with an easy-to-use back-end , allowing you to make your own changes without being tied to us as your designers
  • Built on the latest stable technologies, ready for the future of SEO and web-design.

Ayman has expressed interest in a site with many of the same functionalities as www.harleystreetultrasound.com


We are also currently offering a free logo design service, 1 years’ free domain registration, and 1 month free hosting.
Worth £345.

We will also provide:

Up to £200 worth of stock photography, free.
Up to £200 worth of premium fonts, free.
Up to £100 professional copy-writing services, free.
Top-tier plugins worth over £350, free.

Our Solution

Our preliminary solution is as follows:

  • Consultation – We will consult with Ayman and/or his colleagues to get a better feel for the finer details of their project.
  • Market Research – We will scour the internet for successful examples of concepts similar to the proposed project’s vision, shortlisting various concepts that work well, and red-flagging those that don’t.
  • Initial Designs – We will produce some initial designs and concepts, and host them on Ayman & Co’s own preview server that we provide, so they can share with friends/family/co-workers, and wait for feedback.
  • Design revisions – We will draw on all feedback received to refine and improve upon the design, to get the project exactly to where the entire team are happy.
  • Final touches – We will test the site on all major browsers and screen sizes, to make sure everything is working well. We will stress-test the site to ensure it works well under load.
  • Launch – The site will be launched at a date and time of Ayman & Co’s  choosing.
  • Aftercare – We will monitor the site closely for the following week, to ensure everything is working as it should.

Our Quote

Due to our close relationship with Ayman, we are happy to provide our services with a 10% discount, for a total of £1800 for the entire project. This includes the £1195 worth of extras mentioned above.

We ask for 50% before the project begins, and 50% on completion, just before the site goes live.


If you’d like to enlist our services, just let us know by email, chat, telephone, or using the handy text box below.