Hey Tavis!

Mike here, I’m the founder and owner of HeadSmart Media, and run the business with my brother, Matthew.

I thought this would be a good way to confirm who I am. If you’d like further confirmation feel free to send a message through the contact page, or the form below, and I’ll get right back to you through email.

You can play the video below if you prefer, but all it does is regurgitate in a rather bumbling way everything written below. Apologies for all the umms and ahhs, I’m a touch microphone-shy.

Regarding our portfolio, feel free to take a look at some of our recent projects, here

Shipstation have excellent WordPress integration, so I should imagine the process will be exactly the same as it is with Shopify. You can read more about their integration, here: https://woocommerce.com/products/shipstation-integration 

Regarding long term viability; We give you all the files that make up your website, and relinquish any rights to it so you can do whatever you like with it. Delete it, sell it, modify it, duplicate it… it’s all up to you.

Almost any modern designer worth their salt plays nicely with WordPress, so finding someone to replace us is a cinch. We’ll give you the highest privillages (admin credentials) so you can pass this on to any designer you like, you could even delete us from the site if you like 😀

We’ll try to futureproof your site as much as possible, so you shouldn’t need any more features for the lifetime of the site, but if you do, there are over 50,000 plugins free on the WordPress repository, and many more premium ones, too – All easily installed by you.
If you decide you want us to take care of installation, that’s fine, but just like any other designer, we’d charge a fee for our time. Like I said though, I can’t see that you’d need any further features, and we’d try to preempt as many situations as possible, to allow your business to grow easily.
I’d really love to put your site on our portfolio (with your permission), so it would be in our interests to build an awesome site from the get-go.

We’ll also set you up with a nifty page editor, so you can simply log in to your site, and add pictures and text right on the front end. No coding required. Galleries, sliders, text, product pages… no problem.

Anyway… I’ve babbled enough. If you’re up for a proposal, I’ll get one made up for you over the next few days. Never any pressure… it’d just be a proposal so you could see exactly what we’d do for you. You could ghost us at this point and no offense would be taken.


All the best,



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